Welcome to the homepage of Kovácsszénája!

    Please allow me to introduce Kovácsszénája and the Municipality of the Township Kovácsszénája.

    Our village lays in a wonderful, unique valley thanks to the common beauty of the fishing lake and the picturesque hills of the Mecsek.
    Those who live here can experience the beauty of the area on each day of the year, as the flora and the fauna reveal a small miracle every day.

    The locals are highly hospitable and are very proud of their tiny village.
    Their everyday is filled with farming and putting their yards straight.
    The number of stock-farmers has greatly decreased in our village; we would like to change that with municipality support and with different ideas!

    We hope that our village will be able to get close to the self-sustaining state within a few years and will be also able to supply the town’s people with our husbandry products, so that they can also buy the healthy food, vegetables and meat, that are natural for the village people.

    The body of our municipality is made up of 3 persons.

    Péter Novák
    Gábor Pozsgai
    deputy mayor/representative
    Tamás Nyírő

    Please let me wish you to have a pleasant time browsing our homepage in the name of the inhabitants of Kovácsszénája!

    Visitors are more than welcome, come and see the village for yourself!

    Péter Novák