2012 National Galop

    This year Kovacsszenaja also going to the 2012 National Galop to Budapest.

    We raced in the Szentlörinc Galop, and we finished in the Final race only 4th but the race organiser gave us...

    We are restoring our old crucifixes.

    We planned to restore our old crucifixes in the area of kovacsszenaja.

    We asked for money from the congregation but without help, so we will do it by ourselves.

    We hope every...

    New Communal work

    The Government's new tender for communal work gave for Kovacsszenaja 5 worker

    Two mason, one shepherd, one farmhand and one dressmaker.

    Our dressmaker maked traditional...

    Bicycle day Kovácsszénája


    Bicycle hotel "Disznyó Hotel" opening,
    MTB-Downhill race,
    Bicycle Photogallery Exhibition,
    Extreme bikers,
    At Night, MTB Films...

    Flower garden

    We received a lots of flowers from the Hentz and Kéreg Horticulture Pécs.

    Our Flowergarden named, easter Markt was looking perfect with these beautiful flowers.


    The Hári yard is building

    We started to clean up the Hári yard, which is the front yard of the guest house. We would like to build up the stones which fell out of the wall and make it nicer by a bit of landscaping...

    All Soul’s Day candle light

    SOur municipality would like to place candles at all of the crosses and abandoned graves of the village. We would like to draw your attention to placing the candles with great care so that the...

    The historical event series connected to the 1956 Revolution started off

    on October 5 pm in the framework of an opening ceremony. We sang the national anthem, the mayor made a speech, we remembered the victims, the children from the village recited poems, and...